Earth, Milky Way Galaxy


Rhazel Akoben, an ambitious activist, wants to use his skills to improve his community. During a trip to Africa, he finds his calling, or did it find him? He learned his Ancestors were NuuBians, divine engineers who created the Sacred Seal to protect Earth. If it weakens, they developed a fail-safe called The ZiAnkhi. Now, their legacy has become his destiny.    

Rhazel is blessed with the ZiAnkhi, a fusion of God energy that gives him the power to protect Earth by recharging the Sacred Seal.  Supernatural dangers of monsters, demons and evil Immortals are rising to the tipping point and Chicago is ground zero!  

Can he overcome his own fears and threats to his community? Taking activism to another level, Rhazel must unlock his true potential and become GlyphX The Urban Mage.

Get ready to Buy and Read GlyphX The Urban Mage | The Coming Of Mage and follow GlyphX The Urban Mage as he finds out how deep the shadows go.

..a snippet of Sankofa appears in Sankofa Guard; below is the full piece.

I remember.
Ages before Now…
Before Modern History was on pages….
When Humanity Evolved,
Imagination Elevated.
That Bridge
between the Mystic and Fantastic
to the Scientific and Astounding,
was solid.
My parents’ generation stood on that Bridge.
Hope fueled Potential and
transformed Dreams to Reality.
The Future Was Possible.
It was an Exciting New World.
The Duality of Spirituality could not be ignored;
vices silently throbbed.
A subtle itch of temptation remained and festered,
grew and then split like the atom;
to spread like a virus.
Just as in the old days, small clusters of idealists
honing in on attaining resources for themselves,
took hold.
The old ways had returned
and Society,
Humanity suffered.
A renaissance of the new Dark Ages ensued…
that bridge of Hope that my parents stood on,
I was conceived under.
They fed me their Love,
the unfulfilled potential of their Imagination became
the foundation of my own.
Their sacrifice to teach Culture and Future of what could be
set ablaze my Potential to burn away Hopelessness.
My Strength and ingenuity multiplied!
My Spirituality exploded my Genius!
I shall pass what I know on,
to those with the Mind to learn and nurture
their own Potential and untapped Greatness!
The Truth is in you,
passed on from the Past.
All you need to do is remember..
I will help you.
For Life is worth living and fighting for…
The Future of those to come depend on Us.
You need to remember….Sankofa.

My cyberfunk short story, “Edge Of Innocence,” found a home in “The City: A CyberFunk Anthology,” courtesy of MVMedia Publishing.

The City: A CyberFunk Anthology, is a unique creation. It’s a concept anthology, a collection of stories where eighteen different authors share their vision of a single idea. It’s Cyberfunk, cyberpunk stories that play with future concepts from an African/African American perspective. Most of all it’s engaging, exciting, thought provoking and fun. Like the inhabitants, the City is perceived in various ways by the various writers. Some stories intersect, some diverge, but they all entertain. The result is a journey into a unique world described by unique and engaging voices.

Watch The Shadows: darkfantasypoetry is a collection of dark fantasy poetry that introduces the hidden dangers, realities & characters that hide just below your perception. This is an appetizer that should tempt your taste & quench your thirst for the paranormal and the supernatural.