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Who is Ced Pharaoh?

Ced Pharaoh was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. A lifelong bookworm; his earliest favorites were comic books/graphic novels, mysteries (Encyclopedia Brown, Sherlock Holmes etc), thrillers, poetry, non-fiction biographies and sci-fi/fantasy! But it was a book called The Legend of Tarik by Walter Dean Myers  that sparked him to write his own fantasy/sci-fi stories.

Throughout the years, he’s used his love of photography and writing in various positions and opportunities to create bios, media releases, advertising copy and voice-overscripts. His blog, 360BEYOND is where he highlights indie artists and other creative ideas.

Ced has written a few comic book scripts that haven’t seen  the light of day, yet :).  A verse from his Black Sci-Fi Fantasy poetry piece entitled, SANKOFA can be read in the comic book series, SANKOFA GUARD published by James “Mase” Mason.

In 2012, he published the collection of dark fantasy poetry, Watch The Shadows: darkfantasypoetry. 

In, 2015, His cyberfunk short story, Edge Of Innocence was published in The City: A CyberFunk Anthology, published by MVMedia Publishing. 

In 2021, under his company NKOSI MEDIA LL, he published the comic book project, The Great Force. This is the first project under NKOSI MEDIA LLC and was created by his son, Zion.

Ced is working on his series, GLYPHX | The Urban Mage to be released in  2022. 
Married in front of thousands at The African Festival Of Arts, he resides in Chicago, Illinois with his Wife, Nicole and Son, Zion.

Work & Projects

Dark Fantasy Poetry | CyberFunk Story | Comic Book Publishing


NKOSI MEDIA’s goal is to create and produce products that entertain and inspire those who need to see themselves as the hero.

We want to represent the dreams of seeing engaging Black characters in art and action stories set in fantasy worlds & sci-fi realities.

Ced Pharaoh  / CEO & Publisher

THE GREAT FORCE is a superhero action/adventure about five teens who become test subjects.
Alien technology gave them powers, their friendship will make them heroes.

Published by NKOSI MEDIA LLC
WATCH THE SHADOWS | darkfantasypoetry

“It’s not the dark that should scare you, it’s what lurks within that should…”

Watch The Shadows: darkfantasypoetry is a collection of dark fantasy poetry that introduces the hidden dangers, realities & characters that hide just below your perception.

This is an appetizer that should tempt your taste & quench your thirst for the paranormal and the supernatural.

Written by Pharaoh

A young activist learns that his Ancestors were chosen mystic warriors.
Now, he’s gifted The Ascension Equation and has the power to defend Earth against chaos.
The tipping point begins with Chicago and he’s not going to let that happen.
So he trains to unlock his True Potential and become the Urban Mage.

Written by Pharaoh
THE CITY: A Cyberfunk Anthology

The City anthology is a unique creation.
It’s a concept anthology, a collection of stories where eighteen different authors share their vision of a single idea.
It’s Cyberfunk, cyberpunk stories that play with future concepts from an African/African American perspective.

Edge Of Innocence – Short Story  by Pharaoh

Contact Ced Pharaoh

Reach out and let’s connect.  I’m here for all of your questions.