THE NATURE OF STALKERS excerpt – National Poetry Month Selection

Stalker by Bernard Santos

Stalker by Bernard Santos


My requiem is Death’s pulse

I breathe shadows

and exhale,

emitting the dark fog like an aroma of stale myrrh

My movement is deliberately precise

My intent is notably deadly

I don’t hunger uncontrollably like Vampyres

supernatural addicts to the arcane elixir

of my hellion blood

Predatory bacteria—

simply horseman to their hosted bodies

wreaking havoc rendering them

hapless and helpless

to an undying and unyielding hunger

driving them to kill, to sate it or die from it

They, Vampyres, are no more immortal

than an earth slug,

brainless organisms unto a worm.

I am a Stalker….

<Excerpt of The Nature Of Stalkers from Watch The Shadows: The Legacy Chronicles Book 1 /

Stalker Image by Bernard Santos>

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Watch The Shadows: The Legacy Chronicles Book 1

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