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In a previous review, I stated, “The Eight #0 is a good appetizer for what seems to be a grand scale event.” I’m glad to say issue #2 is something a comic book fan can sink their teeth into. (Hey, I know its cliché, but I had to follow through with the food theme!)

In The EIGHT #1, (Abdul H. Rashid /AHR Visions, L.L.C.) more details are revealed about The Eight are and their latest challenge! This is done with flashback storytelling that is smooth and effortless. The story begins with action and then leads into the mythological origins and premise of the universe through the relationship of two celestial brothers. They are among the Teachers tasked with informing humanity. But, one brother named Set, doesn’t see humanity as worth their effort. Obviously, this has caused friction and now his brother Ra is assigned to deliver a befitting punishment. Their relationship, to say the least, is complicated.

What Set has ‘set’ in motion, underscores the conflict our heroes, The Eight must deal with in modern times. What is that conflict? If you read The Eight #0, you would’ve known, what continues in this issue is the worldwide assassinations of Immortals that protect Earth. The Eight are among those Immortals called United and they must save themselves and uncover the Evil behind the murders.

The EIGHT is a good comic book series! Action, super-powered heroes and intriguing storyline! Plus, the artwork of Abdul H. Rashid with colors handled by Alexander Cutri has a distinct visual style that I enjoy.

I’m sure you will be hooked too!

You can pick up The Eight #1 here

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