Tattooed Tears – A Short Indie Film

There is just something about Indie Films that make them a joy to watch?  Is it the Fearless Storytelling?  Compelling Characters?  Unique Locations? Perspectives not realized on the big screen? I’d say it is all of those ideas and more.  Now when the Indie Film is a Short Film; it is very interesting to see how the visuals, acting and story mesh in span of a few minutes.  Tattooed Tears is one of those films that successfully tells a compelling story.  It is an Arion Digital Media Group film. Directed by Aaron Lewis, Written by Alverne Ball.  Produced by Alverne Ball, Gregory Ball & Aaron Lewis. Check it out below and let us know your thoughts. Enjoy!

Tattooed Tears : A tattoo artist and client share a tale of woe that leaves their lives forever changed between the shedding of tattooed tears.

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