Watch The Shadows this Halloween!

Do you like Urban Dark Fantasy Poetry?  Love Horror and Things that go bump in the night? 

Watch The Shadows



WATCH THE SHADOWS | The Legacy Chronicles (Urban Dark Fantasy Poetry)

“It’s not the dark that should scare you, it’s what lurks within that should…”

Here is what readers had to say about Watch The Shadows!


Dark has never been so inciting! – 

“Ced Pharaoh has managed to bring to life an intensely sensuous side to monsters and things that go bump in the night. His ability to weave haunting images of death, savagery and molestation of flesh into poetic beauty, left me wondering why it has taken me so long to embrace the dark side of literature. Fantastic Read!!! I look forward to the next installment.” – Deaduri Gales


beautiful dark poetry 

Watch the Shadows is a book of dark poetry. Dark fantasy and beautiful! I really enjoyed reading the works in this book. Each and every one were so dark and deep, a creepy beauty that was captured so perfectly in the words. I love dark fantasy but not a huge fan of poetry although I do read it at times. I absolutely loved this book. I would recommend this book of dark fantasy poetry to anyone that loves the fantasy genre. So great!!!!!”

– Toni Michelle


Watch The Shadows: The Legacy Chronicles Book 1. is available NOW! 

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October is Black Speculative Fiction Month and I, along with many talented Black Authors are featured and today is my day!  Go Check it out!  Many thanks to Deatri King-Bey for the support and feature!

Suspense Mystery Horror And Thrillers In Black

Just in time for Halloween too!  You can buy my ebook, Watch The Shadows: The Legacy Chronicles Book 1. Click the image below 🙂

Watch The Shadows


Ced Pharaoh

New Beginnings!

Welcome to my new blog! Well, actually an old blog at a new location!  I will be re-posting some of my old content to get this place re-established. However, for those of you who are just stopping by...


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New Beginnings!

I’ve been invited to be on my 1st panel at Wizard Chicago, Thursday Aug. 8th 6pm. It is called Creating Dynamic Black Female Characters in Fiction. I’ll be on deck with Shawn Alleyne (author of the Aizan comic book and Founder of the Xion Network); Ytasha L. Womack (author of Afrofuturism); Joe Currie (Prodigy comic book series) & more. I’m excited about that! I will be sure to get pictures…


New Beginnings!

My book Watch The Shadows: The Legacy Chronicles Book 1 is available NOW!

Watch The Shadows
Watch The Shadows: The Legacy Chronicles Book 1 is a collection of dark fantasy poetry that introduces the hidden dangers, realities & characters that hide just below your perception.
Let it be your doorway inside of my sci-fi/fantasy series: The Legacy Chronicles.