Roosevelt Pitt, Jr. has dropped his latest Kickstarter, PURGE – BLACKOUT: DOUBLE IMPACT! Each is a separate part 2 of previous releases of Sci-Fi/Fantasy, action-adventure packed stories.

Two of the most iconic indie heroes, Purge and The Brother (created by Jay Kelley battle to save reality as we know it. Their saga continues! Illustrated by Krishna Balram Banerjee with covers by Mshindo Kuumba and Netho Diaz! You’ve waited long enough! It’s about to get real!

PURGE – BLACKOUT: DOUBLE IMPACT! is loaded with great rewards for Backers. If you are a fan of reading comic books, then you want these books in your collection! Click >>http://bit.ly/PurgeBlackout2

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Support Purge! SPECIAL OFFER TO 360BEYOND Followers!

Purge: Past Unspoken

Support Purge! SPECIAL OFFER TO 360BEYOND Followers!

If you back the Kickstarter PURGE: Past Unspoken and share the campaign, during the first week,                                                          you will receive an EXCLUSIVE 11×17 Print by the talented illustrator, Jay Reed!

1. Back the Kickstarter with a $10 PLEDGE or more to qualify by August 15th 2015.
2. Share the link http://bit.ly/SupportPurgeNow on your social media and
3. Leave a comment on the Purge: Past Unspoken Facebook and mention that you learned of the campaign from 360BEYOND.

Deadline for the Special Offer is August 15th 2015
Below is an example of the EXCLUSIVE 11×17 Print by Jay Reed.

Purge by Jay Reed

Creator Spotlight: Roosevelt Pitt, Jr. / Publisher of Purge Indie Comic Book

Roosevelt Pitt, JrWho are you? I am Roosevelt Pitt, Jr., the creator of Purge, and a thirty year plus veteran in the comic book industry. I publish under my company’s banner AMARA Entertainment. My focus of creativity has been centered on the creation of heroes of color, that reflect the very best Black Culture has to offer. In addition to showcasing those skills and talents in every facet imaginable, especially within the spiritual and metaphysical realms.

Give 4 words that describe you! Determined, Spiritual, Persistent, and Adept.

Favorite Music and / or Music Artist! I truly enjoy music from the early 60’s thru the 90’s I have numerous musical artists that I have grown to cherish over the years. To choose just one would be quite an impossible task. I would say Marvin Gaye, The Ojays, Teddy Pendergrass, Minnie Riperton, Earth Wind and Fire and Tupac Shakur would be among my favorites.

Favorite Artist (besides yourself 🙂 ) First and foremost, I’m a writer and consider myself a literary artist utilizing the skillful handling of words and phrases to paint masterpieces within the minds of my readers. Word gymnastics, if you will. As I stated earlier concerning a favorite musical artist(s), choosing just one visual artist as my favorite would prove equally as difficult. I do, however, have a short list of those who have proven to be beyond outstanding in bringing people of color to the forefront as characters of substance and power. Mshindo Kuumba, Larry Stroman, Grey Williamson, Mohammed Agbadi, Marvin Sianapar, Krishna & Balram Banerjee , and Chuck “Dragon Black” Collins.

Project(s) you’ve worked on! Over the years, I have worked on a plethora of client orientated projects as well as personal ones that range from video and TV production to screenplays. The most well known and comic book related works would be Powerknights- Armored Sentinels, Random Five, and Purge.

Dream Project! As a independent comic book creator, my dream project would be to write and produce the Purge: Past Unspoken animated series! Not to mention that backers can help with that endeavor by becoming a anime producer in my Kickstarter campaign to create a animated short!

Current Project(s)! I’m excited to share that I am launching my first Kickstarter campaign for Purge: Past Unspoken! Purge the iconic hero from the 90’s returns! The campaign launches August 10th 2015, showcasing the extraordinary talents of Mshindo Kuumba, Larry Stroman, Jose Luis, Krishna & Balram Banerjee, and Sanford Greene.

Describe the inspiration and process you that led to the creation of Purge. As a comic book fan, I was inspired by the lack of suitable representations of heroes of color and was driven to create my own. Purge was birthed from that need and desire.

What is the story of Purge: Past Unspoken about? In Purge: Past Unspoken, Purge comes face to face with his questionable past and the hidden truths that lie within the city he protects.  Overwhelming odds mount, when a genetic agent is created with the potential to eliminate two tenths of the world’s population.  With the fate of the world at stake, and a clandestine group bent on his demise, unsavory alliances are forged that will forever challenge his beliefs of what it means to be a hero.

Business Contact: Roosevelt Pitt, Jr. Phone: 252-218-9077

Email – rpitt@charlesthechef.net


I’ve seen the Kickstarter for Purge: Past Unspoken and it looks Awesome with very cool rewards. Go to the Purge: Past Unspoken Facebook and get the latest info!  The campaign, Purge: Past Unspoken Kickstarter begins next week, August 10th 2015!

Check out this EXCLUSIVE art from the upcoming campaign! This is a taste of what to expect.

Commission_cover_Purge vs Deadpoint_JL-Recovered

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