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PUNX of RAGE RADIO is co-produced/directed by two Chicago creators. I love when artists collaborate on projects. To unite individual tastes, ideas and concepts; somehow avoiding ego, usually creates larger projects that can’t do anything but enrich the world.  Joe Robinson Currie is a career long comic book publisher of Strictly Underground Comics. In fact, the name, PUNX of RAGE directly comes from his flagship IP (intellectual property) of the same name.  Chris Turner is a talented illustrator that has also contributed to Joe’s projects and other creators. Mr Turner is also busy working on his own IP called Dial Exces.

PUNX of RAGE RADIO has existed since November 2017 on the BlogTalk Radio format.  What are they about? Per their BlogTalk page, “PUNX of RAGE | Cinema, Comics Culture – Covering All topics Comic Book and Graphic Novel related including techniques and tips for creating comic books.

What’s great is the chemistry. They are both laid back but clearly they get amped up if it is a topic they feel strongly about.  Since their first show, they have covered a variety of topics; “The Art Of Collaboration”, “Why We Love Comics”, “Marketing & Distribution”, “The Impact Of Image Comics” and more. They have interviewed incredible talented artists such as Filmmaker R.L. Scott and Afrofuturist Author and Speaker, Ytasha Womack.  They also have shows in between the interviews called The Chop Shop where they talk about any entertainment news, especially pertaining to comics and the industry.

PUNX of RAGE Radio can be heard every Friday Night here > PUNX of RAGE Radio , check the page for times in your area. If you love comics and great conversation check out their shows.  OR, if you are a comic book creator, artist, writer etc. contact them for interviews. Call in and support with your thoughts and feedback.

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Punx Of Rage – Indie Comic Book Review


Joe Currie’s Strictly Underground Comics has a nice roster of characters and this offering concentrates on Punx Of Rage. The young, action heroes called JawBreakahs, live in and protect Rage City. Using their martial art and skateboarding skills, they stand up to a group of street thugs that are harassing a young woman on a Summer day. This leads to a greater confrontation that sees the arrival of Dodger, the massive leader of the group and a certified, melee hero. Justice is about to be served with beat-downs! I can tell Joe really enjoys writing about the characters. There is a nice backstory peek of who I believe is the main villain.

I enjoyed the art (lines & colors), as well. Joe has included some bonus pin-up art. Highlighted artists include; Stanley Weaver, Glyph Sputnik and Corey Greene. I can’t wait to read Punx Of Rage #2!  Stay tuned for Strictly Underground Comic’s upcoming releases!  Support Indie Creators and Their Projects! Learn more about Strictly Underground Comics here:



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