Blaque Butterfli – Your Wings Are Ready

Blaque Butterfli – Your Wings Are Ready is the name and project title of the gifted Chicago poet, Blaque Butterfli (Taneesha Jackson).  Learn more about her upcoming release below. She was gracious enough to answer a few questions.

What was your earliest beginning as a writer/poet?  I would say I got my first shot at poetry in the 6th grade. I had to write a poem about the color red for an assignment. Even then, i was excited about it.

Early influences?  It all started with Mother Goose.  My mother bought one with all the nursery rhymes in there and I became fascinated with it.  I read them every day and was always quoting lines from them. I became fascinated with words and putting together in sentences and clever phrases.  I was a big fan of hip hop. KRS1 is my one of my favorites. Love songs were always deep, so anyone who sung ballads held my attention.

Most memorable performance?  My very first showcase was in March of 2016.  It was my teammate’s debut cd release and the show surrounding it was called HerStory. My mentor pushed me to write a love piece, something I had not talked about since coming on the poetry scene. I was very against it but it turned out to be my best performance!

Favorite piece that you’ve done? Its a tie between my testimonial piece (Sold Out) and the piece i wrote for black men (Black Man).

Speak about the concept of you latest project?   Your Wings Are Ready is about a poet who first of all, NEVER wanted to be a spoken word artist! She was a shy girl who with a fear of being in front of people and who wasn’t much of a talker in front of strangers and didn’t like attention. She just wanted to write a few books and put them out. It was her prayer to God but then God responded by asking her who’s going to buy you book, if they don’t know who you are?  Then God told her she needed to open her mouth. Time to fly, hence the name Blaque Butterfli.

Your future aspirations? Already working on my 2nd cd and writing a book. Working with my husband who is also a spoken word artist but he is also a singer and musician. When we perform together, we are called Rhema Rhetoric. We do it as ministry. So many doors are opening and people are loving the idea of the husband and wife team. Many married couples ministries invite us out so we look forward to building on that.

Lastly, where can you be found on social media?  FB: Taneesha Jackson Also my fan page: Blaque Butterfli Ink Instagram: Blaque_Butterfli7207 Twitter: @BBFlyyy7207

Thank you Blaque Butterfli for your time!  Congrats and continued Success!

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Blaque Butterfli – Your Wings Are Ready Release Party

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PROMO For Your Wings Are Ready!

There’s A Price To Pay

There’s A Price To Pay

Someone is in debt.

People are owed for

forced services


There’s no receipt to

be given,

no complete barter


labor was taken for


as well as rights to live


For every hour the debt

goes unsettled

-interest rises.

Chances for a payment

plan are slim.

The full amount is due now!

For the mass physical,

psychological, historical


& other crimes intertwined

with slavery

& its after affects;

For every one of those

ways of disrespect

& those continuing

results as of now

…….…..…there will be a day.

For there’s a price to pay.


From the forthcoming book of poetry, MINDSTATE by Ced Pharaoh.

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