GLYPHX The URBAN MAGE Web Comic – Press Release

Black Speculative Fiction Month 2018

In 2013, Milton J. Davis and Balogun Ojetade created from idea to reality the celebratory movement called Black Speculative Fiction Month. The idea is to highlight, promote the importance of Black authors & artists AND buy their books and projects!  Take a look at the image and make your next post, Tweet and Share about Black Speculative Fiction Month, help spread the awareness about this great month!


What is ONYXCON?

Per the website:

ONYXCON is a convention, festival, and celebration.
We promote, showcase, educate, and entertain all fans of the Sequential Arts and related media.  We EDUTAIN!  We feature independent and legendary creators of comics, books, film, and other media with a focus on African Diaspora culture, concepts, interests, and general markets. Ultimately we represent diversity in these Arts and so we are open to representing all POPULAR ARTS  that are CONSCIOUSLY DIVERSE!  Our event is for everyone, and is a progressive and diverse networking event for professionals as well as enthusiasts who appreciate our showcase. Because comic books/comic strips have long stood as the foundation Art form of this type of convention, comics are a major feature. But ONYXCON IS NOT LIMITED TO COMIC BOOKS. Our events highlight other literary genres like speculative fiction, as well as video games, collectable toys and models, films/documentaries, and all other media related to the Popular Arts. 

Make Plans to visit ONYXCON & Celebrate Greatness!