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Ytasha L. Womack

Ytasha L. Womack – Director

Ytasha L. Womack is a Visionary; Artist, Author, Writer and Director. She is the author of the sci-fi book, Rayla 2212 and Afrofuturism: The World Of Black Sci-Fi & Fantasy Culture.  Ms. Womack has directed previous films, one of which was nominated for Best Film at The American Black Film Fest.  Her latest project is Bar Star City, an Indie Sci-Fi Film!

About Bar Star City:
A goddess, a war veteran and the captain of a spaceship meet in a bar…
Bar Star City is a sci-fi film with Afrofuturist themes.  It looks at love, deception, memory and alienation among a group of bar regulars with unique, quirky personalities, who just want a place to call home.

What I LOVE about the trailer is a) The Science Fiction story/premise with Blacks/People of African Descent actors/actresses!  That’s not often! 🙂 and b) The storytelling element of Jazz!  I instantly thought of Spike Lee’s films because Jazz has been a strong element in his storytelling.  Ms. Womack is bringing the futuristic soul and imagiative element of jazz as a a sci-fi movie!!  Awesome!!

This looks like an exciting project shot entirely in Chicago, a city with unique architecture, neighborhoods and nuances that will be great to see on film.

Ytasha L. Womack is looking for supporters and backers to help fund additional pre-production!  If you want strong and unique stories of characters that look like you: then you must support the efforts and projects that will bring the dream to reality.  I will!

The link is here:  $UPPORT BAR STAR CITY 

Bar Star City Trailer:




A few month or so ago, I missed my first official invite to a book panel so depressing but Life calls and you go with the flow.

I will even miss my 2nd official invite to another panel this month…that’s aggravating for sure!!! But the things that I’m doing in the background will eventually add up, so there will be other opportunities…

Alas, I’ve been going through some struggles so I’m catching up on ALOT of movies, books etc…but I Finally saw it.  I loved it.

You can’t please everyone..critics are overrated.

They don’t understand.

They claim the acting was weak and that the Story had flaws.
They don’t understand.
It was about the future and what roots us in the present.
The Now.
Its about what is important, sandwiched between technology and savage nature.
A free flowing connection.
They missed the point.

My son loves their first movie together, even as a younger child
he saw himself and I in their union.
Now in their second movie, their bond is projected into a future
where Blacks & those of original African Ancestry are not imagined.
Pick any number of sci-fi films and the number is staggering of how many of us in 2013
are still not allowed to exist in the future.
For this fact alone,
this movie is a triumph.
A greater victory than the detractors will ever fathom.

The story?  A Father through duty and calling is a leader among men.
This civic duty allows him to protect the world, community and his family.
Separating him from his center, his nucleus, his remaining family.
He wants the best for his Family but this duty pushes him away from his Son.
He pushes his Son through his presence to be better than himself.

I see myself in him, his son in mine.
I watch and I see myself and my son,
A glorious connection.
A growing, sometimes tough bond but its just that I want to protect him. Cheer him on.
Teach him. Support and do what is in my Power to make sure that he sees His Own Potential through his eyes.
Sometimes, I’m tough like the Father in this movie.
Stern but with an unwavering Love for my Son.
Sometimes we clash but like the Real life Father and Son in this and their last movie,
It is obvious they have a connection.

The critics just didn’t understand.
Maybe you need to be a Father….
This movie for me is about Black Fatherhood.
I seek to push. Inspire my son to push forward. To have Faith. To have courage.
To understand that he can’t control outside forces but that he does own the Power
to take a knee and center himself and allow the internal God Power to lead him.
To make the choice to master Fear and not become a slave of it.
Its my duty, joy and honor to make sure that he listens,
To do what I say even when I’m unsure.
Even though, I know the day will come that he will come into his own.
To defend and honor his own thoughts
and take the leap of Faith of the cliff of uncertainty
into his own Potential.
With God flowing, giving him flight to soar higher..
Greater. More Powerful than I ever Will.

We want our Sons to BE that Bright future than we will never see.
It is my hope, that in a time of great stress, uncertainty, fear
even when I’m not around that he stills hears me.

My wife has asked why are you so tough sometimes,
I say because like in the movie Boys In The Hood,
when Tre’ got out of the car even through great, stress and anger..
he heard his Father’s voice of reason.

Our Sons, My Son needs that.
I hope that what I give is of value. That what little I have to offer has weight to help my son
Center himself
Like Kitai did.
He heard his Father’s words of wisdom,
teachings and advice through God’s Will and Essence
to make the decisions intuitively;
as if his Father was right there with him.
I smiled because Katai had been listening after all…
That is what I hope I’ve done
and will continue to do.
I hope to be a memory of inspiration.
Of hope. A point of reference so that my son can make his own decisions that will allow him to grow into the Warrior King that he is.

The critics didn’t get the Legacy of wisdom and inspiration.
They couldn’t feel the human quality to the sci-fi story which has greater,
more sincere depth than most of the sci-fi movies that came after..
After Earth.
Until movies of the fantastical…the sci-fi-sational can depict
what I identify with…
what I feel is important…
until they do that.
They may be entertaining on some level but they will all fall short.

I guess I’m just picky like that.
Salute to Jaden & Will Smith.
Loved seeing Sophie Okonedo and Zoe Kravitz…

Yes! I call it a Black Sci-Fi for the collection.

Now what other things do I need to finish writing …oh yeah,
my own urban sci-fi fantasy.. Urban Mage: The Legacy Chronicles Book 2
You can buy book 1 Now!
Watch The Shadows: The Legacy Chronicles Book 1
Watch The Shadows

Until next time….