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This year’s event, number 6 if you’re counting was massive! There was something for everyone! From Cosplaying attendees and contests,  Q&A Sessions of every kind! There was a chance to see/meet Jason Momoa (Game Of Thrones, Aquaman), CM Punk (ex-WWE Champion, Actor/Writer), Matt Dillon (Actor), Chad Coleman (Walking Dead, Treadwater), Ming-Na Wen (Agents Of SHIELD), Face-Off Season 8 Winner, J. Anthony Kosar (Kosart Studios) and many more.

Chad Coleman









The majors were definitely representing their products, but I love seeing what the independent companies are putting together. A few were Dark Rose Studios (Creators of Treadwater), Athlitacomics (Publishers of The Protectors/ Owned by NFL Player Israel Idonije), And..Action Entertainment (Publisher of Legend Of The Mantamaji) and Chef/Trainer – Eric Paul Meredith (Health Heroes).

Legend of The MantamajiDSC_0064

Health Heroes













Of course, Artist Alley is definitely a fan favorite! There we caught up with Anthony Piper (AntBoy) / Creator of Trill League. There was Ashley A. Woods (Millenium War, Dziva Jones), Ytasha L. Womack (Rayla 2212 series), N. Steven Harris (Ajala), Imaginos Studios (Imaginos Plus), Todd Black (The Guardians), Sean O’Neill (Creator Of Rocket Robinson And The Pharaoh’s Fortune) and many more!  My son and I enjoyed the sights and sounds of C2E2! Here are some of the images he captured!

Anthony PiperYtasha L. Womack








Todd BlackN.Stevens Harris











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LIVEindie – Webcomics On The Web!


Jason Reeves/133art is a Los Angeles based comic book publisher/production house founded by illustrator Jason Reeves. 

133art has work published by USA Today, Arch Enemy Ent., Arcana Studios & more.For 133art’s Glyph Award winning comic series ‘ONENATION’, visit: http://www.133art.com/ or email at: onenation@133art.com

Alverne Ball/Arion DMG has been working in the comics industry for 10+ years as a writer, consultant, and creator. He’s the 2014 Glyph award winner/co-writer of One Nation published by 133art. He’s done consulting work for Paramount pictures, De Bona Ventura productions and more.In 2009 Mr. Ball received first place in the Union League Civic & Arts Foundation Creative Writing Competition for his graphic story, “Virgin Wolf.” He has also received numerous Weisman Scholarships for his other graphic stories, R-Squared, Geddeon and Zulu. For more information, visit AlverneBall.com

Jason Reeves and Alverne Ball have come together again to create LIVEindie! Every Wednesday & Thursday, you can read alternating webcomic concepts from these two creators! They also plan to publish additional content as well.The stories based on 133art’s ONENATION & Arion DMG’s Virgin Wolf are intriguing and framed with exciting art! LIVEindie is a very cool concept and should garner the attention of those seeking quality indie comic book stories and ideas!























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The Eight, Skorn and The Black Rose – Indie Comic Book Reviews

The Eight, Skorn & The Black Rose by Abdul H. Rashid / AHR Visions, L.L.C. are just a few of the offerings from this visual media company. Below are my thoughts on their preview issues.


Securing The World From The Ever-Present Threat of Evil Supernatural & Other-worldly forces…a race of Immortals fight non-stop to sustain balance. Amongst them..an Elite unit exists! The Eight!

The Eight #0 – The Last Transmission Of David Essex begins in a very cinematic way with a flashback served as a pre-recorded digital feed. Something or someone has attacked a space base and nothing can seem to stop it! The Eight #0 is a good appetizer for what seems to be a grand scale event. I liked the flashback premise and eagerly wanted to know more. With only 7 pages of actual story, I am expecting more backstory and reveals of who The Eight are. There is a full page promo attached showing 8 males, but I will have to wait and see if these are the heroes. Now I will say, if those are the heroes, seeing 8 males and not one female, throws me a bit, but redemption comes in the next review below……


Dedicated to a Self-Imposed Mission to Protect those who cannot protect themselves, Angelica Salazar vows to show the criminal blight that a fury is upon it!

Skorn #0 – Curtain Rises opens with a silhouette of a woman getting dressed in a hero outfit and ends with a dynamic pose of the street vigilante. The narrative’s premise is one where the heroine is being setup but to what end and what reason, is not revealed..yet. Speaking of reveal in Skorn #0, Abdul has a pinup of Issue #1 with another full view of the heroine, Skorn and she looks SICK!! I can’t wait to see how she develops.


Solomon Moor. Billionaire. Philanthropist. Businessman. Crime-Lord? Under the guise of a mysterious underworld figure, both feared and respected by the criminal society, Moor works to tear down the vile structure from the inside out. But, he walks the fine line between hero and villain.

The Black Rose #0 – Party Break opens with the high-tech survelliance of a criminal by Solomon. Issue #0 is very short without much detail but the next issue will hopefully delve into who Solomon Moor is and how he came to be a crime lord.

The AHR Visions’ comic book previews look very promising. The art work and colors look good, compliments of Abdul H. Rashid and Alexander Cutri!  Support Indie Creators and Their Projects! Stay tuned and learn more about AHR Vision’s upcoming releases here:

AHR Visions


If you love unique stories, concepts and characters. Put your money where your mouth is…


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