ROUTE 3 #3 by Terminus Media

Route 3 #3 Pg 1Robert Jeffery‘s Terminus Media publishes Route 3, a great looking comic with great story and quality visuals!

ROUTE 3 #3 by Terminus Media continues their series, Route 3 with another issue, Route 3 #3.  Read the synopsis below.

Chapter 3: Road Trip

It’s a race against time as Sean and his apparent “savior” escape Georgia, with shadowy government agents, and drug kingpins in close pursuit.

Nathenson, ever the puppet master, continues to throw all of his black ops resources at capturing the super powered teen, from within the hallowed halls of Washington D.C.

Some questions remain though: Who is Sean’s mysterious benefactor? Does he have the answers to the awe inspiring abilities that Sean manifested during his attempted murder? Will 316 and his team be able to accomplish their mission, with the Watkins crew in close pursuit, harsh retribution on their minds?

Route 3 #3 Pg 2Route 3 #3 Pg 3















Route 3 #3 Pg 4

Read on to find out the answers to this and more in Route 3 #3. 

Available through Peep Game Comix on 12-23-15.

Issues 1 & 2 can be picked up through


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