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Peace, here is a Creator Spotlight on the talented Damian Duffy!  He keeps busy! Take a read and enjoy!!


Give 4 words that describe you! Cartoonist, writer, letterer, Dad!!

Favorite Music and Artist!  Hip-hop is probably my favorite music, and Outkast or P.O.S among my favorite artists.

Favorite Visual Artist (besides yourself 🙂 ):  Collaborators like John Jennings, Dann Tincher, Stacey Robinson, David Brame, because they’ve all been awesome enough to lend their talents to comics I’ve written.

Project(s) you’ve worked on!   A lot of comics stuff. My published works include writing/lettering the psychic junky comic Whisp, Glyph Comics Award-winning sci-fi/horror satire The Hole: Consumer Culture, and the Glyph-nominated short comic Day 8. I’ve also co-curated comics art shows with my oftentimes creative partner John Jennings, which led to our co-authorship of the art book Black Comix: African-American comics art and culture.









Most recently I’ve co-created/lettered the hip-hop Dr. Who Kirby cosmic remix comics miniseries Kid Code: Channel Zero with John and Stacey Robinson. The first issue is out now from Rosarium Publishing, with the second issue being drawn as we speak…er, type. I also have a short comic in another Rosarium book, APB: Artists Against Police Brutality, that I wrote/lettered, and Robert Love and John did the art for.

Rosa-book-kid-code1apb artists against police brutality

I finished the final draft of the script for John’s(Jennings) and my graphic adaptation of Octavia E. Butler’s novel Kindred. It’s due out from Abrams ComicArts in January 2017.

I also have a bunch of other comics projects in various early stages of development. Stuff like Mann Versus with my Whisp co-creator Dann Tincher, Jenni Deth, with David Brame and John Jennings. Night Boy, with John and Stacey, roughly seventy-billion projects in discussion with John, who, little known fact, exhales story ideas instead of carbon dioxide.

Not comics, I’m working on a YA science fiction novel called Vampironaut. And finishing my dissertation.

Do you have a Dream Project?  Honestly, I’m not sure what my dream project is because Kindred was my dream project for a number of years. I’ve loved that novel for a solid decade. It’s been kind of a long twisting road to getting to the point of actually being production on the graphic novel, and there were times where I was certain it wasn’t going to happen. Like, there’s no way I get this honor, no way I get to help make the first visualization of Butler’s work.

Of course, once you start working on something, it’s not a dream any longer, and you spend a lot of time worrying over cutting stuff from Octavia Butler’s prose to keep the graphic novel in its required page count and give the art enough room but still do justice to the story and…. all of that.

So, I suppose I’m between dream projects at the moment.

Describe the inspiration and process you that led to the creation of Night Boy sketch (with colors by John Jennings).  This is a drawing I did of the character Night Boy, a supernatural superhero story I’m co-creating with John Jennings and Stacey Robinson. Night Boy is a teen hero in the Spider-Man mold, but he’s an art nerd instead of a science nerd. Night Boy actually hates the idea of superheroes. He thinks he’s only pretending to be one.



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