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Peace and thank you for taking a look and read at this latest interview! Today’s Creator Spotlight is on fantasy novelist and writer extraordinaire, Colby R. Rice. Enjoy!

400701_328676063827349_776680823_nWho are you? My name’s Colby R Rice, and I’m a dystopian sci-fi, sci-fi thriller, and urban fantasy novelist! I also moonlight as a screenwriter, game writer & narrative designer, globetrotter, and gourmet kitchen ninja. And I have afro puffs. And I like taro pudding. And obviously, I love to write!

Give 4 words that describe you! Ambitious, curious, wanderlust, bibliophile

Favorite Music and / or Music Artist! That’s a toughie. I’m a serious sucker for rock, ranging from alternative to heavy metal. Some of my fav bands, though, include Halestorm, Disturbed, Evanescence, and even occasionally Breaking Benjamin. I need music that speaks to me, though, so ones with really seductive lyrics and haunting beats just pull me right in. On the other hand, I do love R&B and ambient music… all great genres to write to.

Favorite Visual Artist (besides yourself 🙂 ) Uh, I’m definitely not my favorite artist, and anyone who names themselves as their favorite needs to let the gas out from between their ears, lol!

In truth, I don’t know too many visual artists, but I do have a lot of authors, filmmakers, and screenwriters that I really admire. This includes but not limited to: S.D. Perry, Shonda Rhimes, Joss Whedon, SM Reine, Morgan Rice, JJ Abrams, Stephen King, JK Rowling, Susan Kaye Quinn, Octavia Butler, LA Banks, and CJ Lyons among many others. They are really talented and prolific in their respective genres and mediums. I really want to emulate their careers (with my own authentic brand twist of course)!

Project(s) you’ve worked on!

  • The Given (Book 1 of The Books of Ezekiel) — novel, audiobook, paperback
  • The Taken (Book 2 of The Books of Ezekiel) — novel, audiobook, paperback
  • Ghosts of Koa (Books 1 & 2 of The Books of Ezekiel OMIBUS) — novel, audiobook, paperback
  • The Fantasy Portal — multi-author novel bundle
  • Status Quo: Chronicles of a Universe at War — video game (dialogue & mission writing)
  • The Ethical Slut, Seasons 1 & 2 — web series (as Line Producer)
  • The Life, The Grind, The Music — music docuseries (as Executive Producer)
  •’s “Travel Gear” — informational web series (as Executive Producer)
  • “A Good Long Kiss”– student film short (as Writer-Producer)
  • “Black Diamonds” — student documentary short (as Writer-Editor-Producer)

Current Project(s)!

  • The Iron Maiden (Book 3 of The Books of Ezekiel series) — novel
  • Blood & Ink (Book 4 of The Books of Ezekiel series) — novel
  • Asylum (Book 1 of The ASYLUM series) — novel
  • Kopernicus, Season 1 (Season 1 of Kopernicus series) — serialized novella series
  • Fallout: Lonestar — video game (dialogue & mission writing)

Dream Project! It’s hard to say what my dream project is, because for one, I have at least thirty. And econdly, I already work on my dream projects in real life! But I guess if I could list one? Honestly, if NBC really does go for a “Xena: Warrior Princess” TV series reboot, I would be first in line for a staff writing job, throwing my scripts at them, and screaming “Please, PLEASE hire me! PLEASE!” Lol.



Describe the inspiration and process that led to the creation of “The Books of Ezekiel”. The Books of Ezekiel had been in my mind since late 2008, and as a bunch of story notes. It looked a lot different from the final product. Originally, BOE was supposed to be a middle grade novel series, for the Harry Potter age-group, but as it evolved and I evolved as a writer; I knew I had to gear BOE to an older audience.

At the time of BOE’s birth, I was a Sociology major at Hunter College (go CUNY!) and on my way to a PhD program at UW Madison in the same field. So I’d been studying and observing a lot of unfortunate dynamics in our society– sickness, poverty, educational disparities, discrimination, sex crime, and a lot more. I knew that I needed an outlet, some medium, to address these issues in an interesting way. Thus, Ezekiel D’jihara Anon (the main protagonist of BOE) was born.

As for inspiration, though, I’ve always looked up to my author and TV showrunner role models for hope and encouragement.

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Thank you for your time, Colby!  I really appreciate it.

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