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A mysterious, mega-metropolis with more secrets than dark corners. Here adventure, excitement, danger, tragedy and triumph are daily events..welcome to The City.

The City: A Cyberfunk Anthology

The City. No one knows how it began or when it will end. No one knows how we came to be here, 20 millions souls, 1500 different species all crammed together in plascrete and biosteel. No one’s been in or out of the city in 20 centuries. Some have their theories why, some don’t care. But no matter who you are, or what you are, you have a story, don’t you? The trick is finding someone that cares to listen…’ Milton Davis

The concept was born when Milton Davis, indie publishing extraordinaire posed a synopsis to an anthology idea. It proved to be a great writing prompt. The imagination of writers was sparked and what developed were brief blurbs, prose and poetry centered around The City. As the ideas flowed, the entire world-building session of sorts was transported to its own Facebook page where the creativity continued. At some point, The City: A Cyberfunk Anthology was officially born!

But every city needs citizens and The City is no exception.

What does Cityzenship imply?  It recognizes a place among peers in a unique province or domain. Gathered together to live amongst each other; to breathe life into thoughts and dreams.  This is an Honor given to those that heard and heeded the Call;

  • Glitch by Brandee Laird
  • Mission: Surreality by K. Ceres Wright
  • Free Your Mind by Kai Leakes
  • The Man With No Name by DK Gaston
  • Street Moon’s Revolution by Valjeanne Jeffers
  • Welcome To Liberty by Howard Night
  • Collard Greens, Humming Birds and Spider Silk by Malon Edwards
  • Hunter’s First Rule by Gerald L. Coleman
  • Edge Of Innocence by Ced Pharaoh
  • The Runners’ Ball by Ashtyn Foster
  • The Score by Chanel Harry
  • How High The Moon by B. Sharise Moore
  • The City Mole by Alan Jones
  • Washed Pure, Washed Clean by Ray Dean
  • Dreamer’s Recall by Jeff Carroll
  • Darkest Light by Natiq Jalil
  • The Verdict by Balogun Ojetade
  • Move by Zig Zag Claybourne

Each Creator offers a view and perspective that individually; shines a light in various corners of The City giving a peek into the secrets and mysterious going-ons. Yet collectively, that light magnifies and illuminates the greatest achievement that Cityzenship can attain…A Community. I’m proud to be in this great company of creators!

In addition to the prose, visually Eddie Moody did a great image for the cover, with design by Uraeus.  Natiq Jalil created interior artwork.  Also, Otis Galloway created audio mixes inspired by the project!  Spearheaded by Milton Davis/MVmedia publishing extraordinaire, this anthology is a journey waiting to be taken! Each author is a guide and once you are pulled in…you may never return. Why? Well, that’s another secret to The City.  To find out more, do your imagination and curiosity a favor and pick up The City: A Cyberfunk Anthology.

Ebooks available for Kindle, Nook or Kobo!  Or click to pre-order the book which is available on October 25, 2015.  Thank you for your support!

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