Amber and The Hidden City Graphic Novel-Kickstarter

Check out the newest project from MVMedia LLC‘s Milton Davis, “Amber and The Hidden City”. It can’t be expressed enough the need for young adult literature that feature Black Children as the heroes; so they can see themselves saving the day in epic adventures.  Milton delivered the novel, “Amber and The Hidden City” and now this Kickstarter is for the graphic novel!  MVmedia LLC consistently publishes great Black Speculative Fiction every year! Grow your book list and read the original novel.  Click Amber and The Hidden City and $upport this graphic novel.  You won’t be disappointed!

Epic Indie Site Spotlight: Ravenhammer Entertainment

Peace! Here is another feature Indie Websites!  I wanted to highlight websites that look cool, are functional and have great product or services!  So here is the 1st!  Enjoy!  Support INDIE Artists & Their Projects!

RavenRavenhammer Entertainment

Per their site –

“Ravenhammer is here to create a multifaceted and diverse sandbox of superheroes, myths and legends that will stand in opposition to current products on the market. We are kickstarting a revolution in which we will spur the creation of new pop-art icons for the next generation.”

Ravenhammer Entertainment is the publisher of Lucius Hammer  and The Harlem Shadow!

















When you get a chance, stop by Ravenhammer and check out their site.   Drop me a comment and let me know if you found this feature fun and helpful. Also, take a look around 360BEYOND at my other posts; you may see something you like!

Support INDIE Artists & Their Projects!

Peace, Power & Prosperity!

Ced Pharaoh

Study The Masters – Writers, Illustrators, Publishers…

Yorli Huff, Turtel Onli, Eric Battle, Mshindo Heru Kuumba I. Afua Richardson, N. Steven Harris,  Uraeus/Jaycen Wise Study The Masters – The DuSable Museum’s 38th Annual Arts & Crafts Festival / Chicago 2012

As the journey of writing towards publishing continues, one must take the time;
to brainstorm
in hopes to fulfill the hopes and desires that you have for the product that you’ve worked hard for.
The road of self-publishing is a long road and sometimes for the artist..a lonely one…

However, there’s strength in numbers..
Power in Unity and
this creates opportunities to share experiences, success and failures.
As an artist, as a person you can bridge the gap between what you know and what you don’t by networking…
and once you do, you will be surprised at what you learn when you study those that came before you.

Read, Analyze, Adapt & Execute
and become a Master.