Indie Media For Black Indie Creators!

Indie Creators are producing incredible visual projects and quality products.  A tool to help brand the company or products is a polished, media kit.  A media kit is comprised of a publicity photo, media release, product sheets etc.  The next step is finding the right media outlets to approach. Here’s a hint: Indie Media!

Mainstream media can provide valuable exposure.  However, getting their attention maybe a challenge.  Building a significant buzz or ground swell of support will make you and your projects newsworthy.  You must be creative and manage your time, money and resources to gain attention.  How can that be done? Hint #2: Indie Media! 

Wikipedia defines Independent Media as
Independent media refers to any form of media, such as radio, television, newspapers or the Internet, that is free of influence by government or corporate interests.”

What are the benefits of Indie Media?

  • Access:  It is easier to speak to the decision makers. Indie Media organizations/companies are smaller, making it possible to speak to the person in charge.  
  • Passion: Indie Media are in tuned to your field or industry; whether as pure fans or diehard advocates their approach is fueled by a sense of independence and sense of importance to expand the public’s awareness.
  • Flexible: Decisions to highlight you or your story can be done on the fly;  without waiting for weeks or months to be spotlighted.
  • Faster: This relates with the Flexible strengths of Indie Media.
  • Targeted Exposure: Specific blogs, e-zines, podcasts etc speak to demographics around certain interests or ideologies. This improves your chances of introducing yourself or project to those prospective clients/customers.

Indie Creators need fans/followers and customers/clients to champion their products and projects; with the goal of increasing the overall sales.  So don’t sleep on that blog or podcast that you keep ignoring!  Until the conglomerates call for a sound bite or blurb, keep your eyes and ears locked on Indie Media and contact them.  It is a synergy that is needed!  Support them and They (We) will Support You.

Note: To save time and maximize effort, some important questions to consider when approaching any media source are: 

  • Who is the key person that represents my area of interest/need?
  • What are the guidelines to pitching news stories / media releases?

Here is a limited selection of Indie Media that creators/artists should know and add to their growing database of Indie Media sources.  

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