Urban Myth: The Gifting – Indie Comic Book Review

Planet Random presents Urban Myth: The Gifting by Raymond Ayala & Images by Paulo Barrios

I’m proud to say, (check the credits), that I am a Kickstarter Backer of Urban Myth: The Gifting the Graphic Novel project by Creator/Publisher Raymond Ayala / Planet Random. The Gifting follows a group of youth, empowered with powers and talents, who become New Olympians in a modern, urban setting. This 1st book and Kickstarter Special, did not disappoint with the nonstop action; quick peeks into each individual’s day as they are affected by Nathaniel / Alpha’s presence, that mysteriously gives them powers.

The art is by Paulo Barrios and colors by Luis Guerrero, Eddy Swan and Aaron James. The cover is a favorite of mine!  I wish there was more immediate insight into the source of the Power, but Raymond Ayala’s story is rich with new characters/heroes; Alpha, Mars, Flame, Merc, Victory and Urbanite.  Support Indie Creators and Their Projects! Stay tuned and learn more about Planet Random’s upcoming releases here:



If you love unique stories, concepts and characters. Put your money where your mouth is…


Peace, Power & Prosperity!

Jaycen Wise Field Guide 4.0 – Indie Comic Book Review

Jaycen Wise Field Guide 4.0 (Creative Team: BlackOps – Richard G. Tyler II/Bro. Uraeus & Mshindo Heru Kuumba I & Charlie ‘Fab’ Goublie)

Sometime ago, I purchased this digital download and it is an excellent promo / art book / artist expose / comic book / short story book..whew! This book has it all! Richard Tyler has done an excellent job quarterbacking a professional and creative project highlighting his flagship project and hero, Jaycen Wise. The Field Guide allows the reader to become greatly familiar with The Immortal, A Scholar and Epic Hero. Richard has balanced his personal testimony and character biography with unique art pinups that accentuate the vast storytelling potential of Jaycen Wise.

The BlackOps’ artistic lead and Master Illustrator/Colorist, Mshindo Heru Kuumba I. represents with numerous pieces, but also sharing art credit are; Charlie ‘Fab’ Goublie, Chris Bourassa, John Jennings, Standigo, Mase and others. Trust me, there are some great looking concept and book cover art in this book!

To expand the mythology of Jaycen Wise, Richard has included short comic stories; Jaycen Wise and The Eye Of The Storm and Jaycen Wise: On The Road To Infinity. Short but full of action, the line art by Fab with Mshindo colors create a unique comic look. Also, there are stories of prose, co-written by Indie Publisher and Writer, Milton Davis entitled Jaycen Wise And The Necklace Of Asanamek and Jaycen Wise And The Ghosts Of Zezura.

A notable image is a large spread of African Children holding Jaycen Wise swag and writing supplies. This represents The BlackOps’ philosophy that the youth need heroes, that are a reflection of their ideas and dreams. The Jaycen Wise Field Guide 4.0 is an achievement of character development, great art and Artistic activism!  Great collaboration by BlackOps: Bro. Uraeus/Richard Tyler and Mshindo! Support Indie Creators and Their Projects! Pick this up in digital and physical form! Learn more about the Creators and Projects here:




If you love unique stories, concepts and characters. Put your money where your mouth is…


Peace, Power & Prosperity!