AHR VISIONS 2017 Press Release

Press Release

Subject: 2017 Title Releases and Schedule

New opportunities for fresh, original story-telling content to be contributed into the mythology and lore of the comic industry. That is a call that AHR Visions is very happy to be answering significantly in the coming months! Here is the list of just some of the upcoming releases (and re-launches) for the year! Thank you for taking the time and interest in supporting our ventures into adding towards the pop-culture landscape.

Coming from the AHRV Shared Universe Title line:

BLACK ROSE #1: Gangster, Crime-lord, Kingpin…Superhero? Introducing the flag-ship title of the AHRV Shared Universe; Balancing on the razor’s edge of hero and villain…dive into the world of the newest anti-hero to lead the fight for justice. That is, if he can keep from becoming what he hates most.

THE EIGHT #1: Super-powers, immortality, and a secret war between good and evil that has waged before known history. That is the tip of the ice-burg coming from the ultra-charged world of the premiere super-team battling for the fate of the global society. 

SKORN #1: The underworld of New Haven, CT has no idea what wrath means…until now. Hell’s fury is unleashed as AHRV’s central female hero brings her brand of justice against a new breed of villain. Don’t let the pretty face fool you.

From our Creator-owned Title line:

BLEED 2039 vol. 1: Creator Alan Edwards presents a blend of 1940’s noir and 21st century sci-fi is the backdrop of this gumshoe mystery taking place in the midst of a country-wide cigarette prohibition. Murder, intrigue and deceit saturate this black and white atmosphere…with a hint of flash.

AIYA #1: New perspectives on possible histories are explored in this sci-fi anthology series from AHRV Creative Director Alexander Cutri. Take a journey into the “What if?”

THE SIX SWORDS #1: Developed thru 6S, LLC, comes an action/adventure series in the vein of the spaghetti-western genre, with a sharp twist. There is a Kickstarter for The Six Swords #1. Go donate and share the campaign Click Here > The Six Swords Kickstarter!

Also introducing, the comic industry debut from celebrity-creator, actor Terry Crews. An original sci-fi/action 8-Issue mini-series from CREWS ARTS, in collaboration with AHRV:

NOTORIUM #1: The merger of art and violence comes to dramatic conceptualization in this sci-fi thriller that sparks the question, “When is the price for entertainment and fame too high?” Prepare to enter the world of “battle rap” in a manner never seen before.

And, later this year, AHRV Shared Universe grows with the release of Dynamic #1, Feral#1 and others down the line! We look forward to you enjoying what we have to present.

Keep your eyes watching out for us!

~ Abdul H. Rashid

Founder/CEO AHR Visions

Tezla #1: College Life Supercharged!

Creator Dimitris Moore has a successful Kickstarter for his project, Tezla #1: College Life Supercharged!

“In a world where meta-humans are no longer fiction, how can one young woman cope with her new powers and balance college life?”

This is the question that Mr. Moore is poised to answer with fun artwork and a coming of hero story featuring Tezla! This is a great looking project so click the image above and go $upport Indie Creators and Their Projects!! I did!

E.P.I.C. (Earth’s Protector In Crisis) Issue #4 – Comic Book Review

E.P.I.C (Earth’s Protector In Crisis) Issue #4 (Written: Lonnie Lowe Jr., Artwork & Colors: Joshua Rose, Tovio Rogers, Anthony Wells, Verry Woong, Bryan Arfel, Magnaye)

Lonnie Lowe Jr. of Dark City Comics has released the 4th installment to their flagship property, EPIC (Earth’s Protector In Crisis). E.P.I.C | Earth’s Protector In Crisis features an archeology student, Chris Tayborne that is empowered with Alpha Bands and the events that follow the manifestations of Alphas (Good & Evil beings).

For a quick review of issues 1-3, read my previous reviews here > E.P.I.C. (Earth’s Protector In Crisis) by Dark City Comics – Comic Book Review

E.P.I.C (Earth’s Protector In Crisis) Issue #4 begins with the appearance of a new character in EPIC’s world. A high-tech vigilante named Lotto, whose mission is to stop all Alphas because from his view, they are threats to society. Lotto doesn’t have any love for EPIC as he hunts for him throughout the city.

Meanwhile, EPIC’s chief nemesis, Boris Zane of Zanetech, is also hunting Alphas for his own purposes. The specifics of his plan will unfold in future issues and it will be very interesting to see he and EPIC battle each other.

Meanwhile, Chris aka EPIC is struggling with his new powers and is being trained by the previous wielder of the Alpha Bands. The Alpha Bands activate when evil Alphas are in the area and the next threat that appears is a large dragon! Chris transforms into EPIC and…..

That’s all I’m saying! There’s plenty of action and intriguing story to enjoy! Drop $ and pick up Issue #4 and the previous books. This is a good series from Dark City Comics, you won’t be disappointed. Indie projects are the next major blockbusters! $upport quality Indie Creators and their projects!


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