E.P.I.C. (Earth’s Protector In Crisis) by Dark City Comics – Comic Book Review

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Dark City Comics are proving they are an Indie company with Major goals. I previously interviewed Lonnie “Lo” Lowe Jr, on of the Owner/Writers. You can read that here Creator Spotlight-Lonnie Lowe Jr/Dark City Comics.

Here is a condensed review of three Dark City’s books, E.P.I.C (Earth’s Protector In Crisis) Issue #1 The Alpha Strand, E.P.I.C (Earth’s Protector In Crisis) Issue #2 Arise Alphas (Part 1) & E.P.I.C (Earth’s Protector In Crisis) Issue #3 Arise Alphas Part 2. >> 

EPIC #1E.P.I.C (Earth’s Protector In Crisis) Issue #1 The Alpha Strand (Written/Lettered: Lonnie Lowe Jr, Cover Art: Brian Fajardo, Lines/Inks/Colors: J.C. Grande & Inside Front Cover Art: Luis Figueiredo)

This issue introduces us to the unlikely superhero, EPIC. Hovering above the Earth, EPIC states, “I never asked for any of this.” From there, various panels of flashback history brings the reader from the archeological expedition where a young archeology student, Chris gains his powers and becomes EPIC and actually fights his 1st villain. EPIC’s transformation sets off a chain reaction of awakening those with Alpha Strands, which will give certain individuals superpowers. The question, will they use those powers for good, is something that looks to be explored throughout EPIC’s adventures and books.

The origin story is quick but easy to understand. I didn’t like the color styling during the backstory, but I’m sure the intention is to reflect the flashback sequence. The cover is action-packed, showing EPIC battling his main nemesis.



EPIC #2E.P.I.C (Earth’s Protector In Crisis) Issue #2 Arise Alphas (Part 1) (Written: Lonnie Lowe Jr., Lines/Inks/Colors: J.C. Grande, Lines/Inks/Colors Charles “Chuck” Taylor, Colors: M.Woods, Cover/Lines/Inks: Very Woong, Inside Cover: Anthony Wells, Inside Back Cover: Dino Agor, Colors: Bryan Arfel Magnaye)

Issue #2 picks up after the events in the first book. EPIC is flying back to his city, reflecting on his new life when he meets a powerful being, who will become his mentor. There is an interesting and revealing dialogue between them. Meanwhile, other Alpha Strands are creating more super-powered people who transform; Alloy, HardBomb and Wildsyde. There is plenty of action and in the ending sequences, EPIC concludes with a quick battle against one of the new Alpha Humans.

E.P.I.C (Earth’s Protector In Crisis) Issue #3 Arise Alphas Part 2 (Written: Lonnie Lowe Jr., Lines: Charles “Chuck” Taylor, Colors: Michael Woods, Cover:Lines/Inks-Chris Cross and Cover Colors: Kate Finnegan)

The secret is out! The world knows about Alpha humans. A nice segue is the televised interview of one Alpha called Torque. During the interview, it is implied that he may have used his powers to cheat during a competitive sport! I loved that touch of reality based questioning. Of course, the main villain shows up and brings two henchmen and attacks Union Station. The teenager doesn’t have any control becoming a hero! He instantly transforms into EPIC and takes the battle to the henchmen. We are teased with questionable, shadowy business of an organization called The Global Security Initiative. Only time and more EPIC issues will show what their motives are.
EPIC #3The cover for this issue is my Favorite of the 3!  E.P.I.C (Earth’s Protector In Crisis) Issue #3 Arise Alphas Part 2 is a good read. Dark City Comics is committed with three book and more on the way!

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BLEED 2039 #1 – Indie Comic Book Review

Bleed 2039I love Film Noir.  If you don’t know, it is a Hollywood film style shot with a low key black and white style.  In the genres of Film Noir that include crime fiction or drama, there is usually the center character of a private eye.  The classic Film Noir were created in the 40s & 50’s and The Maltese Falcon and Kiss Me Deadly are perfect examples of crime fiction Film Noir.  Fedoras, fast cars, speakeasy bars, gangsters etc can all be found in early crime fiction; now take all of that and drop it in a sci-fi future and that’s what you have with BLEED 2039 by Alan James Edwards / AHR Visions.
BLEED 2039 is a neo-noir sci-fi graphic novel that follows The Detective through a post second great depression.  It takes place in Amsterdam, a small town in upstate NY, and instead of alcohol there is a cigarette prohibition, Neo-Jazz and speakeasies are now Haze Bars!  Oh yeah, there’s a crime involving the Mayor’s wife, a cigarette black market and The Detective is caught in the middle.
BLEED 2039 #1 is a good read!  In the first issue we are introduced to The Detective; his reputation and why he’s the man The Mayor wants on the case. The dialogue is crisp with no filler and moves the story along. The artwork, handled by Abdul H. Rashid is in strictly black & white, to further define the Noir aspect of the project.
If you like the idea of a different type of read – Sci-Fi Noir, then you should check out this project. Alan James Edwards and AHR Visions have a current Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/291655160/bleed-2039 .  Read it and donate! The campaign is for a 4 book volume series and it has some exciting looking rewards!

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ICCon 2015 – Independent Creators Connection Convention!

Independent Creators Connection Convention‘s ICCon 2015 highlights comics, costumes, vendors and more in Orlando, Fl.   If you are an artist this is the type of event that you need for exposure!  Founder, Terance Baker created ICC to connect like minded individuals; from ICC Facebook, ICU- Independent Creators United and the ICCon, his mission is building momentum!

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