Roosevelt Pitt, Jr. has dropped his latest Kickstarter, PURGE – BLACKOUT: DOUBLE IMPACT! Each is a separate part 2 of previous releases of Sci-Fi/Fantasy, action-adventure packed stories.

Two of the most iconic indie heroes, Purge and The Brother (created by Jay Kelley battle to save reality as we know it. Their saga continues! Illustrated by Krishna Balram Banerjee with covers by Mshindo Kuumba and Netho Diaz! You’ve waited long enough! It’s about to get real!

PURGE – BLACKOUT: DOUBLE IMPACT! is loaded with great rewards for Backers. If you are a fan of reading comic books, then you want these books in your collection! Click >>http://bit.ly/PurgeBlackout2

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Chris Turner – Creator Spotlight

Chris Turner, a Chicago Southside native, is self-taught artist with a style heavily influenced by Japanese anime, American comic books and early 90’s video games. He enjoys collaborating with independent writers and artists on unique projects. Some of his inking clients/projects have been PUNXofRAGE by Joe Robinson Currie, Almighty Street Team and more. He also finds time to co-host PUNXofRAGE Radio podcast with Joe Robinson Currie. Chris Turner is diligently working on his Tokusatsu inspired comic, Dial Exces.

Dial Exces Story Synopsis: After being struck by a car and nearly killed, Marcus DuBel undergoes a procedure to save his life, replacing his damaged heart with a mechanical apparatus, giving him the ability to transform into the armored soldier Exces. Using his newfound powers, Marcus must now combat the mysterious creatures known as the Dolm, as they attempt to replace humanity on top of the evolutionary ladder.

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Get to Know Black Comix Inktober Giveaway!

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