The Launch Of The Superhero Learning Zone!

The Launch Of The Superhero Learning Zone!


The Launch Of The Superhero Learning Zone!

The Launch Of The Superhero Learning Zone!

$upport The Launch Of The Superhero Learning Zone!

This is a worthy event promoting education for today’s youth!

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Creator Spotlight: Yorli Huff-SuperHero Huff & Publisher

Peace and thank you for being patient! Here is another great Creator Spotlight! This feature is Yorli Huff | Superhero Huff! Take a read and learn what makes her SUPER!
Who are you? I am a real life superhero! Despite a difficult childhood, I was an excellent student and that dedication helped land me land a position in 1992 with the Cook County Sheriff’s Police Department as a Special Drug Agent at the tender age of twenty-four. One of the few African-American undercover agents in the task force, I excelled at my work, but my rise to the top brought with it racism and discrimination. In 1997, after trying unsuccessfully to deal with that discrimination on my own, I made history by filing a lawsuit against the Cook County Sheriff’s Police Department, a battle which took eleven years to win.

I am a beast who is determined to empower through various art forms. I am a powerful, international empowerment specialist and motivational speaker. I creatively use concepts and images; to open the door to set your thoughts free. I promote out of the box thinking that leads to success. I strive to provide impactful material that will implode and invade to create atmospherical change. An entrepreneur at heart, Huff is the Founder, President, and CEO of Engendering Strength, Inc., a company devoted to inspiring and empowering people.

Tell us about your projects. My first book, The Veil of Victory, is an account of my life from childhood to my victory over the Cook County Sheriff’s Police Department, was published in October 2010. I am currently at work on my third book, The Making of a Prince; Superhero Huff comic book volume 4; a feature film based on The Veil of Victory, a Superhero Huff active wear line, an Agent Huff toy and t-shirt lines. They are all based on my true life story. Everything is challenging and rewarding but its all in the entrepreneurial sprit.

374774_340639872615003_863245964_nDescribe the inspiration and process you that led to the creation of the Superhero Huff. It was created by divine intervention. A gentleman that I used to ride the train with, who purchased my autobiography, “The Veil of Victory” suggested to me one morning at 5am, “They have comics”. I was thinking in my mind what the hell is he talking about? He showed me the local paper that was advertising the comic book convention while saying you should take your book down there and let them make a comic and cartoon of your character. I looked up at him and asked, “Do you know what divine intervention you just spoke?” He just looked at me and smiled then walked away.

Besides your publishing success, what are some other career highlights? I have been featured on Allison Payne’s People to People segment, Monique Caradine Show, Perspectives, The Cliff Kelly Talk Radio Show on WVON, Lamont Brown Speaks and South Africa’s SABC radio. I was in South Africa in 2011 on a powerful speaking tour to empower, encourage and enlighten the people on matters of discrimination and abuse. I am also the recipient of the “2014 Black Excellence Award” in literature for The Veil of Victory, “Remarkable Women” award from America’s Time Out for Youth, Inc. I was honored as a “2011 Women on Top of Her Game” by American’s Time Out for Youth, Inc., and I’m on the scholarship committee for the Rhea of Hope Foundation.

What impact would you like your art to make on the world?Superhero Huff will empower, enlighten and encourage people globally to know that they don’t have to settle for anything no matter what adversity they face.

What are your favorite quotes or philosophies of life that help you improve as a person or artist? “Nothing ever really is what you think it is but you don’t know that until you get into it” – Yorli Huff543335_514912468521075_792729678_n


Favorite Music and / or Music Artist! Mali Music, India Ire, Chante Moore, Jill Scott

What do you enjoy watching? I enjoy seeing black people on the screen performing drama, plays and comedy.

Favorite Artist (besides yourself 🙂  Mshindo

Is there anything else that you want the readers to know? I want the world to know that the impossible is possible. There is room for everyone’s success all we all have to is look up. We have all been blessed with unique talent, gifts and potential that is specific to the individual no one has it. All we have to do is tap into it and develop it, its like having your own personal guaranteed lottery ticket.                                           Come on cash it in I DARE YA!!!

For more information on SuperHero Huff: 

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Number 630-476-9191


Thank you for your time! I appreciate it! Stay focused and continued success!

Support INDIE Creators & Their Art!

Proposed Copyright Law Threaten Artists’ Rights!


Staying abreast of your craft is important, in terms of equipment, style etc.  It is imperative to also keep aware of law and how it may affect your Creativity & Livelihood!


Artists Alert: From the Illustrators Partnership

U.S. Copyright Office Proposes Changes to Digital Royalty Payments for Songwriters

Below is a video of information that maybe of interest & info!  On the actual youtube channel, there are a lot of other links for research.

Per the youtube description of the video:

Published on Jul 17, 2015

Artists! There’s a good chance we’re going to lose the rights to our work unless we stop legislation that’s being proposed to congress. This has the potential to infect every country in the world. We need your help to stop this as soon as possible! Brad Holland is an expert in this new legislation and explains why artists worldwide will suffer if our current copyright law is replaced by the new proposals.