Video Favorite | Finesse & Synquis – Soul Sister

Back in ’88, there was a duo of female emcees called Finesse & Synquis! Though many compared them to Salt-N-Pepa, I still loved their style and their album! Take a look & listen!

Video Favorite | Words By Rakim

Back in the day, I had a paid gig to shoot Rakim during a Thanksgiving Concert in Chicago. It was awesome to say the least. I even had the opportunity to share the stage with the Lyrical God himself (no I didn’t get a chance to rock the mic with him but he did set me up lovely with a crowd pleasing, rock star-fall backward into the crowd shot! 🙂  Flavor Flav came on stage and later they both hugged it out and chilled backstage. It was a good night!

Rakim-Thinking Of A Masterplan

Rakim | Image: Ced Pharaoh/360BEYOND

Flavor Flav, Promoter & Rakim

Flavor Flav, Promoter & Rakim Image: Ced Pharaoh/360BEYOND











This is a nice, short documentary of one of Hip Hop’s most prolific lyricists! Absolutely, my favorite MC. The 18th Letter, Rakim!


THE FLASH — Don’t Blink!! Looks Promising!