Video Favorite | Words By Rakim

Back in the day, I had a paid gig to shoot Rakim during a Thanksgiving Concert in Chicago. It was awesome to say the least. I even had the opportunity to share the stage with the Lyrical God himself (no I didn’t get a chance to rock the mic with him but he did set me up lovely with a crowd pleasing, rock star-fall backward into the crowd shot! 🙂  Flavor Flav came on stage and later they both hugged it out and chilled backstage. It was a good night!

Rakim-Thinking Of A Masterplan

Rakim | Image: Ced Pharaoh/360BEYOND

Flavor Flav, Promoter & Rakim

Flavor Flav, Promoter & Rakim Image: Ced Pharaoh/360BEYOND











This is a nice, short documentary of one of Hip Hop’s most prolific lyricists! Absolutely, my favorite MC. The 18th Letter, Rakim!


Art Appreciation – The BLACKOUT Tour, Uraeus & Mshindo Kuumba I.

On April 15th, 2012 at the Bridgeport Art Center, activist/artist Turtel Onli hosted a meet  and greet reception of two talented forces; Uraeus and Mshindo Kuumba I. 

Uraeus is a writer/publisher of an acclaimed literary property called Jaycen Wise, who in Uraeus’ own words ‘is an immortal warrior / scholar  hailing from The Golden Ages of Antiquity.  Jaycen Wise battles the forces of darkness and ignorance to spread knowledge, wisdom and peace.  Uraeus explained that his inspiration for Jaycen Wise evolved from bedtime stories he would tell his sons, tired of the fairytales/stories that lack any mention of African Culture or history.  In a figurative and literal sense, Uraeus and Jaycen Wise share the same mission.  The latest project is called Jaycen Wise: Way Of The Warrior.  In addition, Uraeus has introduced a new hero worthy of her own book called Indigo: Essence of The Assassin.  I won’t say anymore about it just pick it up.

Uraeus has a perfect creative partner, the creative talent of Master Illustrator and Visionary, Mshindo Kuumba I. 
Mshindo has illustrated hundreds of images for books, animation and much more.  For his creator owned project, Anikulapo (He Has Death In His Pocket), Mshindo has used his artistry to craft a story around a very imposing hero which promises to be a must have graphic novel for 2012.  

Uraeus & Mshindo complete their creative trinity, with Charlie ‘Fab’ Goublie, an amazing artist/publisher as well.  Charlie has his own space opera project entitled, Corsairs.  These three artists, unite as co-contributors to their projects and conduct the BLACKOUT Tour.  From city to city, con to con the BLACKOUT Tour has been a vehicle for promotion. 

Onli Studios was host location and guests had the opportunity to mingle with the artists.  Fresh snacks and intimate conversations about art and life, were on the menu and if you were there, your soul was well fed.

Stay tuned and look out for each of their project in 2012 and beyond, you will not be disappointed.  For more info on the artists, please visit the links below and support.

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Art Appreciation – Michelle Monique

Photographer and fantasy visionary. Michelle Monique eye for creating eye-popping and fantasy art is incredible.  Her fantasy photo shoots & photo manipulations are stunning and inspiring. 
For more examples of her work, go visit these links:

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