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Creator Spotlight – Willis Price/Glyph Sputnik, Illustrator

Peace, here is another Creator Spotlight! This time its Willis Price! Take a read and look at his art!

Tell us about yourself. My name is Willis Price Aka Glyph sputnik. I was born and raised in Chicago. I started drawing at an early age. When various adults and teachers noticed that I had a knack for drawing, they encouraged me to pursue art.

What was your earliest inspiration? I remember my inspiration clearly, my father Would doddle from time to time. Once I’d discovered that he could draw, I was all over him; asking him to draw this, or that. I’d even bug my dear Mom to draw from time to time. My fondest memory of my Dad’s drawing per my request. It was the first time he drew a picture of The Incredible Hulk for me. My Father was a pretty good artist, as far as I knew.

Favorite Music and / or Music Artist! I like 90s hip hop culture. It definitely gave me a source of inspiration. I also make music. I have a passion for music, as well as visual art. I feel that music and art are yin and yang; they must remain in balance grass

My favorite artist changes from time to time, but I do love 90’s and 80’s anime styles; ninja scroll Akira ,and ghost in the shell to name a few of my faves. As far as comics, back in the day I was an Image /Marvel fan. Also, the graffiti styles and artistic expressions of other talented Brothers and Sisters inspired me to draw well. Brotherman was my joint as a kid. I remember going to the Black Expo with my Mom as a kid and seeing/talking to other artists. Seeing them sale and display their work was great for developing my entrepreneurial spirit. My childhood friend and artistic mentor, Antoine Adams, inspired me a lot also put me on to anime.

Project(s) you’ve worked on? I’ve done a lot freelance work over the years. My first big client was Lupe Fiasco back in like ’06 or ’07. He had a crew he called Righteous Kung Fu. I stay busy with doing art for various people, including Joe Currie’s of Strictly Underground Comix. I drew four issues Punx Of Rage. I’ve worked with Mathematics of Wu Tang Clan. I’m currently working on a comic book project for him and I’m doing character design for an indie game coming out soon. Also, a few other comic book projects are in the pipeline with La Morris Richmond of B.l.a.m. Comics. I’m also working on a few big projects with my sister Nikeya at House of Glyph. I stay pretty busy with freelance work. I’m grateful to god for blessing me with each opportunity.

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Dream or Future Projects? I’d love to work with any and every one who is positive and who are willing to support my art. Of course, I’d love to work with the Pixars and the Marvels etc. and one day grow my own company to the level of Warner bros, Disney, or Spacely Sprockets, or Coswell Cogs, etc. Mainly, I’d love to put my own visions out there, into the main stream and receive a larger scale of recognition, appreciation of my work and higher compensation for said work.

Feel free to contact me for commissions 🙂

My email is address is

My official web site is under construction .but for now you can check me out at

Thank you for your time and questions, Glyph! I appreciate it! Stay focused and continued success!

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